For several years, we have been a partner with GageSoft, LLC for data collection software.  GageSoft GageMate Pro provides automatic data collection and reporting with an interface that is easy to read, has a customizable graphical display that shows actual measured sizes, red/green indication for pass/reject decision making.  We provide GageMate Pro gaging software installed on a FitPC personal computer with HDMI touch screen display.  No keyboards or mice needed!


Solartron and Marposs digital probes provide sub-micron precision and integrate with GageSoft GageMate Pro seamlessly. While these are the most common measuring devices we use, GageMate Pro can communicate with nearly all electronic measurement devices including digital indicators, digital scales, electronic torque wrenches, and surface finish gages just to name a few.


GageMate Pro is also designed to provide digital I/O, allowing automatic part handling and automatic machine tool offsetting to be performed without operator intervention.


Let us provide a turn-key data collecting gage for you.




MicroRidge specializes in wireless data transmission for untethered data collection.  They have transmitters and receivers to match nearly every digital indicator or measuring tool available, providing the tool has a built-in SPC port.  It easily connects to your PC via USB and a MicroRidge connection utility.  This equipment integrates perfectly with GageSoft GageMate Pro to provide quick and easy data collection and SPC.

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